Why visiting a mexican restaurant once in a while is refreshing

post on June 10th, 2013
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Let’s face it-even the best stuff in the world gets boring after a while. You might be eating oyster Rockefeller and caviar but after a while you’d want to sink your teeth into a greasy burger that is oh so bad for you. You might spend a lot of time at the Waldorf Astoria but its well-heeled walls might get boring compared to a nice run down beat up motel next to the city’s hot spots after a while. Variety is the spice of life and nothing makes life duller than eating the same stuff over and over. Many people also get bored when they eat the same type of stuff. Sure, you only eat a chicken burger or patty once a week, but if you’ve been chowing down on various burgers made of different meats the rest of the week, anything that comes in the shape of a burger will be downright boring to you especially if you just had a blast coding websites to make it faster (with sites like http://www.giftofspeed.com ). Thank goodness for Mexican food! Mexican cuisine is truly a great change of pace for people suffering from cuisine burnout. Try to include the following Mexican classic dishes into your family’s weekly meal plan so you can experience some of that South of The Border flavor.

Chicken tacos
For many Americans, the definition of a taco is the hard fried corn taco shell you get with those concoctions you order at Taco Bell. The classic taco, however, comes with a soft corn shell. These authentic tacos are very simple constructions. You lay out the soft taco, slap on a thin bed of shredded lettuce, diced onions, and cilantro. You lay the thick layer of marinated or roasted meat on top. To finish off the taco, you quickly add a dollop of mild taco sauce. It tastes great but you need to lessen your cravings for it so you won’t go fat or lose your hair:-)

Mexican salad
This is a great way to break from the salad prison many people find themselves in. A great Mexican salad makes for a great flavor combination. While your typical Caesar salad treats you to a slightly tangy, slightly salty taste, a Mexican salad has a lot more flavor. You can get a slightly herbal taste from the cilantro to the tangy salsa to the great mixture of sour cream and refried beans. In other words, the Mexican salad brings a whole new level of taste to the standard salad formula. Salad is also a good way for a weight loss diet (as is shown on a popular page like this: http://wlzine.com/ways-how-to-lose-weight-fast/ although you should definitely also exercise like taking a bike trip as I did last spring (with Holland Cycle Tours).

You are probably rolling your eyes with this addition. After all, who hasn’t heard of burritos. But just as there are different types of burgers, there are hundreds of ways to prepare a burrito. You can roll up all sorts of ingredients into a tortilla and have yourself a burrito. Just have fun with the standard burrito form and you can enjoy everything from grilled fish burritos to lamb burritos to even all cheese burritos. Have fun and explore the possibilities.